Beatpad PC

Easy to use free version for PC users

Use your mouse or keyboard to combine and play your favorite beats in an easy-to-use interface that works for PC with constant updates.

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Beatpad at a glance

64 Beats

Use as many beats as you want:
You will never run out of beats!

  • Limitless possibilities

    Get creative on 64 ultra responsive beats

Use your keyboard

Beatpad is fully optimized for you to use your keyboard keys to create unique things.

  • Perform

    Create your own beats or download one of our user-submitted beats in the forums!

Customize your beats

Need a way to manually load your own made beats?
With Beatpad you can do this and more. Create, load and play!

  • Customizing

    Re arange your beats in whichever way you wish.

Add some color to your life

You are just two clicks away to color your beats to make it more pleasant to the eye.

  • Coloring

    Make Beatpad as colorful as you wish.
    There are alot of color combinations you can create, leave them to your imagination.