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    April 21
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  • Dj's ALBERT
    how to light a pad i didnt know :(
    February 3
  • :|
    i cant even sign in on beatpad progam! and dosent works at light show :'(
    December 2018
  • I legit think this guy scammed us. its been in development for over 2 years!
    November 2018
  • Rhodey420
    hey i own game company named Exit Wound Games i would like to talk with you about possible turning beatpad into a game you can reach me at [email protected]

    bobby hiatt
    September 2018
  • hello the version when it will be released
    Sugerir un cambio
    January 2018
  • Hi, so i just joined today and have no idea how to post a problem in the technical support section, but I've downloaded the most recent version and 2 problems have occurred. the first being when I close the app it seems fine, but when i reopen it and select a beat to use nothing works so i have to undownload and redownload the app. The second problem being i can't use the bottom half of the beatpad, meaning the lowerhalf where the keyboard starts again
    October 2017
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